♟ you can't see past the worst case scenario

you'd be happier instead if you stayed in bed ✘

sync ♒ the TEMPEST
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sync the tempest

Series: Tales of the Abyss
Age: 14 (2)
Height: 5' 4"
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Game Info

Played at gargleblasted

Wage level: Minimum
Room #: 6-4b
Roommates: Amaterasu
Date arrived on the Thor: 4/18/2010

Pets: One (1) very disgruntled gerbil.

Possessions: | From Richezza, Xmas 2010: a guide on how to smile, sexy lingerie, new gloves, new shoes, and an outfit which doesn't make him look like some kind of gay power ranger | From Polly, Xmas 2010: A gift certificate for the book store at the Mall
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there once was a dbag named sync
who had an unusual kink
he'd yearn just to die
but then he would try
to off everyone else in a blink.